Local Census Data

This section presents visual factsheets of the 2011 census data categorised by towns and large villages and covering fifteen census themes, including population, age and household composition. County, regional and national comparatives are also included.

Users may filter the data using the selection and menu options at the top of the page, with options to print, export, or copy the data dashboards.

Local 2011 Census Data Tipperary

Theme 1: Sex, age and marital status

Theme 2: Migration, ethnicity and religion

Theme 3: Irish language

Theme 4: Families

Theme 5: Private households

Theme 6: Housing

Theme 7: Communal establishments

Theme 8: Economic status

Theme 9: Social class and socio-economic group

Theme 10: Education

Theme 11: Commuting

Theme 12: Disability, carers and voluntary work

Theme 13: Occupations

Theme 14: Industries

Theme 15: Car and PC ownership