Dynamic Maps

The County Data Hub is linked with Pobal, the All Island Research Observatory, the CSO, the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government and the National Biodiversity Data Centre to provide a wide range of demographic and socio-economic mapping and statistical information.

Pobal Maps The All Island Research Observatory Tipperary County Council Maps

Pobal Maps are a suite of maps and analytical tools showing the HP Deprivation Index, census data and other programmes.

AIRO Maps present census data for the county in an interactive mapping format and enable users to filter data based on location and the 2011 census data.

This is a series of custom designed maps showing facilities and services provided by the local authority.

CSO SapMaps MyPlan Map Viewer National Biodiversity Mapping System

SAPMAPS is a mapping initiative of the CSO providing 2011 census data based on the location selected by the user.

The Myplan.ie website functions as a one stop shop on all aspects of planning decision-making (census, heritage sites, patterns of housing development etc).

Biodiversity Maps provide access to high quality information on Ireland’s biological diversity.

County and Town Profiles    

Area Profiles are Census 2011 factsheets which have been produced for a selection of different geographical areas.